Our goal is to become the world’s most famous Utility Tie company and brand. We are already highly regarded and quite young. Our patent pending product, The Kwik Bandit is probably the world’s best utility tie.
Our current distributors come from a range of different backgrounds and industries and have various personal and professional interests. To ensure success, we are looking for corporations or individuals with proven sales experience who can commit to the agreed growth agenda.
We are looking for those who share an interest in our markets and whose values align with those of Kwik Bandit. We pride ourselves on our values of Design, Innovation and Customer Service to ensure we deliver exceptional customer service. This is evident in our passion for high quality product and brand design, our continuous aim for innovation through research & development into new products and ensuring we are committed to an agile business practice. 
We have identified a range of countries, which we believe would be ideal markets for us to grow.

Service First


Our mission is to foster distributor success and enhance the Kwik Bandit experience by providing competitively priced relevant products, innovative services, and deliver them with genuine, customer-focused staff.

Our Customer Service Promise

At Kwik Bandit, we recognize that a reputation for excellence must be earned every day. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience. We want to make dealing with us something you would gladly do again and again, recommending our services to others. In order to deliver the highest level of service we have implemented our Customer Service Promise.
What Our Clients Say

The Kwik Bandit has uses in a vast number of industries. As the dangers of the bungee cord have not abated, the Kwik Bandit provides a safety first solution in the transportation, shipping, cargo, trucking, oilfield, moving, storage, fastening, forestry, military, sports, outdoors, trailer, electrical and horticulture worlds

-40 + 120c

Safety tested and certified.

Growth Potential

As a pioneering distributor in your country or region your potential for growth is, well, vast. The Kwik Bandit has endless uses in hundreds of markets. Bungee cords, straps and tie downs have been around for years and it’s hard to imagine who doesn’t own one or many. The Kwik Bandit is a safer, more versatile and user friendly tie than any we know of. So whether you are in the gardening, horticulture, landscaping, forestry, sporting goods, transportation, camping, back country, farming, agricultural, electrical, plumbing, RV, cargo, shipping, automobile, construction, computer networking, audio visual, moving, hardware, building supply, tool, diving, fishing, ATV, industrial or safety business, you will find a market for the Kwik Bandit. To learn more, contact us and we will get in touch with you right away.


To build a world class distribution network where every distributor raves about working with Kwik Bandit

Support, service and responsiveness.
Kwik Bandit products have been engineered and designed with a focus on environmental responsibility
Kwik Bandit, the worlds' safest solution